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Earth, our home planet, is the only planet in our solar system known to harbor life - life that is incredibly diverse. All of the things we need to survive are provided under a thin layer of atmosphere that separates us from the uninhabitable void of space. - NASA

Our "EarthCare" program educates the youth leaders about the need and the urgency to take good care of our home, the Earth.  They will learn about reducing waste and reducing dependency on non-renewable resources.  There is an unbelievable amount and the variety of waste that we produce in our present lifestyle - most of them do not bio-degrade and hence is a potential hazard.  For example, we dump our old computers, printers, Monitors, PDAs, washing machines, refrigerators, hair dryers and toys.  These items are made of plastic, integrated circuits, printed circuit boards, metal plates, electric motors, and a number of other components that not only do not bio-degrade but also are hazardous to earth.  

The youth leaders are then encouraged to explore alternates to generating waste - reduce, recycle and resuse (the 3Rs).

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