Jan 22, 2021

Guided Reading Printables

Professional Development Guided Reading

Professional Development Guided Reading von Rosalva Martinez vor 4 Jahren 15 Minuten 137 Aufrufe I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

guided reading question cards

Guided Reading Question Cards. During guided reading, I may be reading with one student while the other members of the group are reading independently at the table. Here's where guided reading question cards come in handy. Students can think about or even use them to complete a written response so they are ready for discussion. The responses can help me gauge each student's understanding of a particular aspect of the story.

guided reading question prompts

Guided Reading Prompts and Questions to Improve Comprehension By Genia Connell. Grades 3–5, 6–8 Each year my class has students reading all along the continuum, from developing to fluent to proficient, which means I'm sometime juggling up to six guided reading and skill groups. With each group, I have found using prompts or targeted questions has helped bolster comprehension for developing ...

Guided Reading Printables

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Guided Reading Printables